Tim Goodson
Woodlawn Baptist Church of Vicksburg, MS
About Me

                    I was born the same year the MacIntosh computer was promoted as the next big thing for the first time, 1984. I grew up in Vicksburg, MS and attended public school in the city from Kindergarten through High School. In the 3rd grade, I "walked the aisle," but that is all that happened because there was no change in my life. My true salvation came in the 7th grade at a camp, where the speaker drove home a simple but profound point: If you made a "surrender" that did not bring about a drastic change in your life, you did not accept Christ as your Savior. I fully understood it that night and resolved to become a follower of Jesus. During High School, I began dating my future wife, Desi Melancon. After graduation, Desi and I attended Delta State University and pursued Music Education degrees. During our time in Cleveland, we both served local churches on a part-time/bi-vocational basis in Worship ministry. We got married in 2006 and graduated from DSU in 2007. Shortly after, we both began our careers as educators in the public school system.

                    I continued to serve in Worship ministry for several local churches over the next few years. In 2012, I accepted my calling to full-time ministry at Woodlawn Baptist Church in Vicksburg and began studies at New Orleans Baptist Theological Seminary. Under the mentorship of Rev. Kent Campbell, I learned what full-time ministry was all about. It was an eye-opening experience, but one I am very grateful for. After serving there for four years, I accepted the position of Worship and Senior Adult Pastor at First Baptist Church in Florence, MS. Serving FBC Florence taught me even more about ministry. I had many opportunities to strengthen my skills as a musician and grow as a Christ-follower and church leader. I had the opportunity on multiple occasions to conduct an orchestra and choir (something I had never done before). I had the opportunity to preach funerals for several church members in the absences of a Senior Pastor. I had the opportunity to teach Bible Studies (which is something I love to do). God used so many experiences to prepare me for the road ahead. I would have never imagined that the road would lead me back to Woodlawn Baptist Church, but it did. I accepted the position of Worship and Associate Pastor in November 2022. Desi and I have been married for 17 years. We have two children - Paislee Raye (14) and Andy (9). God is good. God blesses. To God be the glory!

                    While serving in church ministry, I still enjoy writing, recording and producing music. Sometimes, it's just for personal enjoyment. Sometimes, it's to minister to friends, family or church members. Sometimes, it's for use in worship services. I love to write for different types of musical groups, such as choir, worship bands, orchestra and small ensembles. One of my favorite parts of writing is hearing a song come to life in the recording process (which I do, myself). Check out my "services" page HERE if you are interested in contracting me for any portion of your musical production.