Tim Goodson
Woodlawn Baptist Church of Vicksburg, MS



Sometimes as Worship Pastors, we encounter a particular song we would like to use in worship and find that only a track or a piano accompaniment is available. Perhaps, the original intent did not factor in the vision of an orchestra. Whatever the circumstance, I am able to write orchestrations with the instrumentation that meets the needs of your ensemble. I use Sibelius to accomplish the scoring and a basic midi/audio recording is included with each project. Higher quality recordings are available upon request.


One of my passions is arranging music. I arrange songs from a variety of styles within Christian music. I have arranged for soloist, small group, and choir. I have arranged for piano, small instrumental ensemble, and full orchestra. I am knowledgeable of what performers (singers and instrumentalists) can and cannot do, so I am able to write things that groups can perform with excellence. I use Sibelius for scoring and a basic midi/audio recording is included with each project. Higher quality recordings are available upon request.


There are a variety of reasons that you might need a recording. One of the most common reasons is that the song you want to use in worship is no longer available because of its age. Also, you may only have a score or the parts. You may have personally composed something you would like to use and want a rehearsal track for your volunteers. I am able to produce or reproduce recordings for any of these scenarios. If orchestral instruments or sections are needed, I use Spitfire Audio's BBC Symphony Orchestra to record woodwind, brass, strings, and percussion. For guitars, I use a Martin DX acoustic, Gibson Les Paul electric, and a Yamaha TRBX174EW bass. For drums, I use the Producer Kits in Logic Pro X. For vocals, I use a variety of microphones (dynamic and condenser) and techniques to accomplish different purposes, along with Melodyne 5, Nectar 3, and other various plugins for editing. For all editing, effects, and mastering, I use Logic Pro X. For more details and pricing, contact me.

Client Testimonials

Nancy Robertson
Fine Arts Curriculum Specialist for the Vicksburg-Warren School District

"Tim Goodson did an arrangement for my SSA Choir that was spot on. He paid careful attention to what I asked him to do and did it to perfection. He even went the extra mile to go back and add one more thing that I wanted at the last minute. And the turnaround time was absolutely unbelievable. I most wholeheartedly recommend this amazingly talented songwriter and arranger."

Hunter Lynch
Worship Pastor and Student Minister
at Highland Baptist Church in Vicksburg, MS

"Tim Goodson expertly captures the heart of each song I bring him, taking what I'm hearing in my head and forming it into a masterful arrangement every time. He excels at anticipating what a song needs to propel it forward, and he is incredibly agreeable and easy to work with. Tim is a polished, skillful musician, with a modern ear and quality tools at his disposal. I would readily trust him with producing any and all future songs of mine."

Doug Spires
Associate Pastor of Music, Worship & Communications at First Baptist Church
in Vicksburg, MS

"God has blessed Tim with amazing arranging and orchestrating abilities. Both our church choir and congregation have been touched many times over by his musical gifts. Whether we are singing a Tim Goodson original, an arrangement from his Hymn Reset project, or a song we have hired him to arrange specifically for our choir and orchestra, FBC Vicksburg is grateful for the musical skills of such an incredible servant of the Lord. Add to that Tim's superb recording and mixing prowess and you've got the whole package!"

Dr. Slater Murphy
Director, Worship Ministries
Mississippi Baptist Convention

"It is my privilege and great joy to share a word of affirmation about my friend and fellow Worship Pastor, Tim Goodson! He is an encourager and cares deeply for others. Every time I have asked him to help me with anything, the answer always has been "Yes!"

Recently, he agreed to take on a huge project for me, superbly crafting a live recording of our state female Worship Leaders vocal group, the Mississippi Baptist Singing Churchwomen. This involved two days of intense focus on his part, during which time I observed firsthand the incredible audio engineering skills he has developed. In short, his knowledge of all things related to digital technology is phenomenal!
Even more important than this, however, is that Tim possesses an unwavering commitment to Jesus Christ and has a deep love for the church, particularly related to developing healthy worship.

I absolutely love Tim's new hymn treatments! He first made these available for purchase this summer at our annual state worship & media conference. He is a prolific composer and continues to write great songs with multiple use possibilities.

I am thankful for Tim's friendship and continue to be blessed by his willingness to reach out and assist other Worship Leaders! I highly recommend him to you; it would be worth your time to check out his catalog, hire him for a recording project, and connect with him personally."