Tim Goodson
Woodlawn Baptist Church of Vicksburg, MS

Arrangements for a variety of ensembles/instrumentation or genres; Recording sessions; Instrumental tracks.

Worship Leadership

Revivals; Conferences; Retreats.


Vocal; Instrumental (piano, guitar, bass, drums/percussion, and low brass instruments).

    My name is Tim Goodson. I am currently serving as the Worship and Associate Pastor at Woodlawn Baptist Church in Vicksburg, MS. One of my passions is creating new music. I enjoy all aspects, including writing, arranging, recording, and performing. Click HERE if you'd like to browse through some of my newer original songs and HERE for choral/orchestral arrangements. (Note that some of the SATB demos were recorded in all-male voice.) I also offer arranging, orchestrating, and recording services. For more information, click HERE or contact me HERE.


     I have added Hunter Lynch's song "Make Us One" to the "Services" tab. I've included the original version and a modern, pop remix of the song. If you haven't heard it yet, check it out HERE. The lyrics of this song are absolutely amazing and they should be the heartbeat of every church. "Lord, let divisions fall, let rivalries resolve; God of Heaven, come and make us one!" Also, I've added recordings from the Singing Churchwomen's Retreat. This retreat was held at Camp Garaywa in August 2023. Slater Murphy asked me to record during the rehearsal sessions. The space used for rehearsal was acoustically amazing and enabled a solid recording with minimal post-production. Check out the recordings HERE.

     Be sure to check out my newest project, "Hymn Reset Series." This series provides worship experiences for leaders, choirs, orchestras, and congregations using modernized arrangements of a few of my favorite hymns. This series can be used in a variety of worship settings, ranging from small choirs with piano accompaniment to larger choirs with full orchestras. Demonstration tracks, accompaniment tracks, choir anthems, orchestrations, and stems are available for each of these songs. Contact me for ordering information HERE.